Shoalhaven is a string of coastal villages south of Sydney with 100 unspoiled beaches that spread from Sydney to Canberra.

To promote tourism, Shoalhaven City Council has developed an online game, the ‘Shoalhaven 100 beach challenge’, that the Shoalhaven community or anyone, can register to play.

The game was created in order to emphasise that there are more beaches out there than the few that tourists go to in the region.

The key purpose of the website is to open an interactive and educative journey of travel to promote the region’s natural landmarks whilst at the same time allowing users to explore 170km of Australia’s spectacular coastline between Canberra and Sydney.

Users to the portal also have the opportunity to learn about the activities and accommodation available for tourists at each location along the way.

By registering to the website, an inbuilt GPS  tracks and keeps live updates of the user’s gaming acumen against the performance of other live players.

The site allows users to monitor their progress in real-time as well as share their progress with their friends and exchange possibilities of what can be explored and how they can achieve it.

Importantly, the site is equipped to collect user data so that Shoalhaven City Council can obtain key information about their audience demographics and details that allow them to keep their visitors updated in promoting the region.


  • Real-time exploration of beaches on the map
  • Live scoreboard for players and other user competition
  • Opportunity to share gaming progress with friends
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Game GPS navigation


To provide Shoalhaven City Council an interactive GPS integrated platform to allow users to experience the region through real time gaming so that they not only explore the region’s beaches but also learn about things to do and where to stay in each town along the way.


Osky facilitated Shoalhaven City Council a sub-platform that acts as a portal for users to find and explore the region’s beaches through a real-time gaming experience.

The portal also acts as a direct link for users to become engaged with the region and therefore optimising the potential for more tourist  inclined visits.

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