The Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions website is a primary communication and leads generation platform for a national hearing technology provider. The branch was established in 1997, the founders had a vision of providing the community with unsurpassed service, product and advice to people living with hearing loss. Today, ADHS helps thousands of patients recover from hearing loss through treatment, recognition or provision of hearing aids for clients.

Having formed a close association with manufacturer of the world’s best hearing aids, Oticon, ADHS can now provide our clients’ access to the latest state-of-the-art digital hearing solutions, at affordable prices. Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions deliver first class service their clients, whether with government subsidies or privately funded patients. Therefore, have been able to grow and continue to extend our lead in the marketplace of professional hearing healthcare.

The website developed in WordPress with the following features:

  • Advanced appointment scheduling system
  • Integration with Social Media
  • Clinic Location service, to help users find the closest Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions clinic
  • Integration with newsletter subscription services, improving audience engagement with the Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions brand

Osky Interactive created a platform for Adelaide Digital Hearing Solutions for helping patients find clinics throughout Western Australia. Osky’s web development of this project was tailor made to help patients easily find clinics.

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