AudioClinic is a premier provider of hearing care solutions in Australia. It’s a user-centric platform that specialises in connecting clients to hearing clinics for assessments and treatments, handles booking appointments, links them to audiologists, and recommends what hearing aids to use and other innovative products to help them with their hearing.

Over the years, AudioClinic has helped thousands of clients with their hearing concerns. Its website was equipped with an online hearing test, helpful links, hearing clinic locator, and pertinent information to achieving ideal auditory health.

Since most of AudioClinic’s clients are elderly, its website has to respond and cater to their needs. By virtue of this fact alone, Osky felt that AudioClinic needed to revamp their website and make it entirely senior-friendly. This called for the creation of a more responsive web design featuring high-contrast color combination, large readable buttons, consistent navigation throughout the website, among other necessary improvements.


  • WordPress CMS integration
  • Clinic locator
  • Lead generator
  • Appointment booking system
  • Online hearing test
  • Online hearing demo
  • Clinic management module
  • Clinic database management
  • Google Maps integration
  • Auto-generated lead reporting
  • Online survey and questionnaire
  • Built-in search engine
  • News management and archive module
  • News feed integration


To enhance AudioClinic as a go-to platform for adults in need of hearing care and improve its features to benefit the seniors, which make up the majority of AudioClinic’s clientele. Osky found that the old website failed to meet the users’ expectations and thus needed better navigation and a more sophisticated UX.

Osky also felt the need to improve the existing features designed to help the clients accomplish their tasks, from booking appointments to subscribing to newsletters, from having easy access to the database of clinics to getting all the clinic information like the exact location on Google Maps.


Osky overhauled the entire website, employing a more responsive and user-friendly design and easy-to-use navigation that would definitely please its clients especially the seniors. New features like carousel, prominent buttons, smooth scrolling, and image zooming effects were added to enhance the user experience. In the new website, hearing information is laid out clearly—and presented in more vivid and readable form. As it is now, the website is a stunning representation of what AudioClinic is: a company that has its clients’ best interests at heart.

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