When it comes to creating masterful floral art masterpieces, Design A Bunch has perfected the artistry. The company strives to continuously impress its expansive clientele by constantly producing ornate and unique pieces while maintaining their utmost quality and pride in their work. Armed with experience and expertise, their amazing team of florists caters to every occasion and special events big or small ranging from special requests, weddings, birthdays, formals, graduations and more.

Design A Bunch needed a website where they can showcase their works and where new clients can easily reach them. They needed Osky to create a simple but reliable website that’s efficient and presentable by letting Design A Bunch’s works speak for itself.


  1. Woo Commerce Online Shop
  2. Seasonal Flower Chart
  3. Image Gallery
  4. Contact Forms
  5. Tips and Advice Blog
  6. Parallax Design
  7. Optimised for SEO


Traditional flower businesses may be a dwindling craft but Design A Bunch has taken their artistry to the next level to appeal to the modern market and that set them apart from the rest. Design A Bunch’s willingness to mix the old with the new prompted Osky to create a simple but fully-functional ecommerce website that not only showcases the company’s floral art service but allows clients to make their purchases online.


Osky believes that the company’s traditional business would attract more clients by adding a gallery to exhibit floral masterpieces, an online shop that informs clients of the numerous services offered with their respective prices and deliveries, a testimonial section to add credibility, and most of all a visible way for clients to contact the company.

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