National Computational Infrastructure is Australia’s national research computing facility, which houses highly-integrated supercomputers and file systems, Australia’s best-performing research cloud, and one of the country’s biggest data centres. It’s a major global player in the field of computation and data-intensive research—which is why it deserves an equally superior online platform. Because it provides high-level computational services to researchers, it deserves a website that can intelligently manage data and effectively communicate the company’s functions, systems, and events to its stakeholders and thousands of users.

Osky believed that NCI’s website should be converted into a powerful platform capable of handling multiple functions and that it should look sophisticated enough to match the company’s world-class reputation. Osky then set forth to integrate various features to meet the key objectives.


  • Efficient data management (over 200+ pages)
  • Improved content management system
  • News and announcements management
  • User management system integrated with research databases
  • Secure Document management module
  • Highly accessible – accessibility standard compliant with WCAG 2.0 double A level
  • Tight social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube)
  • Event calendar
  • LDAP Integration with WordPress for ease of staff login
  • Highly scalable to support future upgrades and allow further user interactions such as commenting, discussions, survey, polls, etcetera.


To provide NCI, a high-profile client, with a first-rate website to further improve its services not only to its users and clients but also to its staff and researchers. Osky also felt the need to ensure NCI’s website would be more than capable of handling dramatically voluminous data while managing to look sophisticated and stay user-friendly. Osky would also equip NCI’s website with an effective and responsive content management system to assist with their data work, and of course, to tightly integrate it with social media platforms for more powerful information dissemination and user engagement.


It was imperative for Osky to improve existing features to serve NCI better—two of the major features were the content management system and data management system that would assuage their fears of poorly handled data. Securing documents was also an important task carried out by Osky to ensure NCI safety. Osky also produced a smarter event calendar, LDAP integration access and an easier login system for its team. To complete NCI’s site makeover, Osky made the platform highly adaptable and flexible to accommodate necessary updates in the future. Finally, NCI subscriber/users are now notified right away about system alerts and announcements through the integrated e-news tool that Osky developed specially for NCI.

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