Operation Life Online is a not for profit government organisation that brings suicide awareness, support and key information for veterans or ex-serving personnel. In partnership with OzHelp Foundation, Osky Interactive has delivered a website for the Department of Veteran Affairs as part of its ‘at-ease’ suicide prevention program.

This website is built for a variety of audiences, ranging from veterans, their families, and their colleagues (both serving and otherwise). The website raises awareness regarding the issues surrounding suicide through a variety of channels, including: embedded videos of a variety of people talking about their experiences, informative text, as well as providing several means of contacting professionals who can listen and help anyone who has concerns about suicide (concerned for either themselves or someone close to them).

The website is built to a high level of Web Accessibility Compliance, with text alternatives for the vision impaired, for images and video, as well as other features that make this site functional for all audiences.

Features on this website include:

  • WordPress Content Management System
  • Streaming YouTube Video Integration
  • Accessibility Controls
  • Online forms
  • Social Media Integration

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