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Pulze Digital is a professional email campaign service that assists users in reaching their audience through supported means of email communication, customised and managed for the optimal engagement of email campaigns.

Pulze Digital bridges the gap for users that seek to engage their audience by providing unique and compelling email templates, strategised email scheduling, and automation, which helps the user to structure their email management whilst at the same time empowering each email campaign. 

With efficient and continual communication being vital to the efficiency of Pulze Digital’s operation, Osky interactive looked to provide a fully engaged and responsive communications exchange framework providing optimum internal user communication opportunity.

Osky recognised that a primary necessity for Pulze Digital was to allow users to access information through a mobile device and ensure full attainability to collect user data.

Osky sought to unite key interactive elements so that the instigating and sharing of information could be easier nurtured through to conversion effectively.


  • Website cross Integration with email software for dynamic lead and client management.
  • SEO making it easier to index Pulze Digital in search engines and for users to quickly locate the website.
  • Mobile responsive design, compatible across all device platforms.
  • WordPress CMS installation allowing for immediate access to edit and publish content.
  • Online form Integration & API for immediate and receptive communication exchange.


To provide Pulze Digital a fully responsive and direct communication tool that users can engage with quickly, and, that can establish continual contact through email collection and API integration for dynamic lead nurturing and maximum email communication conversion across a static and mobile device.


Osky interactive complimented Pulze Digital with a responsive and optimised user interface with a dynamic email data collection framework that acts as a primary tool for continued lead management into conversion.

Visitors to the site are able to instigate immediate communication with Pulze Digital through online form integration and will be receptively received and nurtured through email intelligence.

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