St. Vincent de Paul Society is one of Australia’s largest and most iconic charities. Internationally, it has over 800,00 members. In Australia alone, it has more than 40,000 members and volunteers who help those who are in need, including the homeless.

One of St. Vincent de Paul Society’s initiatives is the Vinnies CEO Sleep Out (CEOSO), a website that seeks out to help out the homeless and call attention to the serious problem of homelessness in Australia. CEOs across Australia volunteer to spend a night on the streets to draw in donations from the public. Every year, CEO Sleep Out gathers millions of dollars in donations that are used to improve the quality of life for thousands of Australians experiencing homelessness.

Osky is behind the website crucial to the implementation and fulfilment of Vinnies CEO Sleepout Mission. The website developed by Osky is responsible for procuring and accepting donations and handling the logins and registration of the CEOs. It also features information pertinent to the campaign, like top fundraisers, amount accumulated, photos, and the kind of help (bed nights and meals) extended to people experiencing disadvantage and homelessness.

Vinnies CEOSO has been Osky’s project for many years. Apart from building a user-friendly front-end, it also has a highly customised dashboard for participating CEOs.


  • Donation tracking and reporting system
  • News and Announcements management
  • Secure and easy to use state-based donation system
  • Integration with social media to spread the word about this worthy cause


To make the CEOSO portal more user-friendly and responsive than ever, to further encourage more CEOs to register and more supporters to donate. Osky also wanted to ensure that information about CEOSO would be presented in an easy-to-comprehend and more readable manner.

Over the years, CEOSO has raised millions of dollars through the website. Security being a top priority for Osky, a huge part of the project is to develop a highly secure and sophisticated back-end engine that can effectively and safely handle millions of dollars of donations.


To integrate more features in the WordPress-developed CEOSO website like the Team Feature, which allows CEOs to raise money together. Better UX design also came into play to make the donors and supporters browse through the portal and eventually dish out donations, which are ultimately what we needed to guarantee the charity’s success.

A very large and important component to this project is the development of an impressively sophisticated backend mechanism that Osky specifically built into the site to securely and efficiently process millions of dollars of transactions.

Osky also developed a modern Admin dashboard that allows event organisers in each state to manage the event, participants and donations seamlessly in real time.

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